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Short Run Book Printing - Our Specialty

and yes, you'll look good with us!

• Save on Low Volume Printing • Rapid Turnaround.

We are a very special small Australian printer – a printer with deep graphics roots specialising in short run, very high quality print and book production. Although we had been serving the Leichhardt, Rozelle, Balmain area for very many years, our reputation has won us interstate and overseas customers as well. We have now moved to larger premises in North Parramatta.

We care! You will see it in the standard of our work and service. We are also quite unique in the range of services we provide. If quality is what you want, you'll certainly look good with us.

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Our new facility — spacious and equipped with latest gear.

13 Seville Street, North Parramatta, NSW 2151
Great parking – on premises!
Phone: +612 9630 3443

Digital Printing

Digital printing has never looked so good - and in unsurpassed turnaround times!

Production times have been greatly reduced and extremely high quality full colour work can be completed within hours and at much lower prices than was previously possible.

"Doing business with FC Productions, you can expect expert advice and assistance to get you the best possible result – always!"

Our regular customers enjoy a very special kind of service. Because we have the fire power, we are able to, for instance, print, cut and pack 5,000 full colour DL flyers in under 2 hours, or print and bind 2,000 20-page A4 booklets overnight – without compromising quality.

Ultra short run prints like 1 copy CV printed and bound within an hour? Yes! (Of course subject to pressure of work at that time.) We treat the little guy just as we treat the big guys – with respect and great service.

"FC Productions have set a standard by which others in the printing industry should be judged!"

Short Run Book Printing

With our expanded digital print service it is now feasible for you to order commercial print quality books in very small quantities – like 1(ONE).

We offer the full range of production – from cover design, through page and book layout to on-time delivery. And all in the high standard we are known for. Read more

Laminating, Cello-Glazing and Binding

Care, experience, condition of equipment and high quality material combine to produce the better result.

Binding types: saddle stitch, comb, wire, spiral and perfect binding.

Headshots Printing

Long before the age of digital printing, we were one of Sydney's finest professional photo labs serving professional photographers and modeling agencies. Our director was himself a professional photographer. We therefore know what it takes to produce beautiful headshots.

With our high-end digital equipment, there is now greater flexibility and you can expect top jobs ranging from business cards to beautifully produced books. – all at surprisingly affordable prices plus our usual helpful service.

*****   We simply love what we do.   *****

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Lifelong passion turns into a new business venture.

On the 3rd anniversary of my late wife's passing I met my business partner who happens to own a small coffee farm in Indonesia. What a coincidence! So we have started a coffee roasting business in North Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney.

I actually started coffee roasting seriusly three years ago in Penang and have brouht the skill and equipment to Sydney.

Check out our new site which will be expanding over the next few weks.

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