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Writers and Ebooks

Our online bookshop – dedicated to helping self publishing writers publish their work without major outlay.

Corporate Culture

This is what sets a company apart.

Our business has been built around respect, integrity, fairness and our passion for the arts. Perhaps the easiest way to explain why we do things the way we do is to share with you our own internal staff introduction letter.
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Blog Service

Increase your business through blogging

Our special brand of free blog service is specially designed for you to promote your business. Simply write (we can even help you do that) something useful, interesting or entertaining for our readers and place links to your website.

Because our sites are highly ranked by search engines, your blogs and links will have a better chance of being seen.

Supporting the arts

People born with music,letters or paint in their veins are both blessed and cursed. Seeing how most of them struggle to gain rightful recognition prompted us to start the web-zine, TalentUnplugged back in 1997. to seek out and promote unknown talent – a much tougher task than we anticipated. These pages need updating badly, but art is timeless, so they are here for you to enjoy.

Supporting a charity

Francis was so impressed with the founder of this charity when she came to get some printing done that he immediately plunged into it and took on the role of vice president.

Lend your support to this organisation set up the plucky 66-year-old ex-cancer sufferer Sylvia Slykhuis Berjas taking steps (as have many others before) to raise awareness and funds for the wider good. There is, however, a huge difference in her approach:
 • It's transparent.
 • It's not another "research".
 • It's direct action.

The Transparent Charity Inc

Short Run Book Printing
- Our Specialty

free delivery

and yes, you'll look good with us!

• Save on Low Volume Printing • Rapid Turnaround.

We are a very special small Australian printer – a printer with deep graphics roots specialising in short run, very high quality print and book production. Although we have been serving mainly the Leichhardt, Rozelle, Balmain area for very many years, our reputation has won us interstate and overseas customers as well.

We care! You will see it in the standard of our work and service. We are also quite unique in the range of services we provide. If quality is what you want, you'll certainly look good with us.

We have moved

3/48 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208
About 3 minutes' drive from our previous location in Campsie.
Great parking – on premises!
Phone: +612 9740 3833

Digital Printing

Digital printing has never looked so good - and in unsurpassed turnaround times!

We have finally switched off our offset equipment to make space for more of the latest digital printers. Production times have been greatly reduced and extremely high quality full colour work can be completed within hours and at much lower prices than was previously possible. Now that we are 100% digital, you can bet we will be even more efficient.

"Doing business with FC Productions, you can expect expert advice and assistance to get you the best possible result – always!"

Our regular customers enjoy a very special kind of service. Because we have the fire power, we are able to, for instance, print, cut and pack 5,000 full colour DL flyers in under 2 hours, or print and bind 2,000 20-page A4 booklets overnight – without compromising quality.

Ultra short run prints like 1 copy CV printed and bound within an hour? Yes! (Of course subject to pressure of work at that time.) We treat the little guy just as we treat the big guys – with respect and great service.

"FC Productions have set a standard by which others in the printing industry should be judged!"

Short Run Book Printing

With our expanded digital print service it is now feasible for you to order commercial print quality books in very small quantities – like 1(ONE).

We offer the full range of production – from cover design, through page and book layout to on-time delivery. And all in the high standard we are known for. Read more

Laminating, Cello-Glazing and Binding

Care, experience, condition of equipment and high quality material combine to produce the better result.

Binding types: saddle stitch, comb, wire and perfect binding.

Our new saddle stitching machine can produce smart looking square backs (somewhat like perfect binding, but without the extra cost). This is suitable for thicker saddle stitched books like manuals and workbooks. Looks great!

Large Format Printing

With the introduction of our new 12-colour wide format printer which the manufacturer claims to have some 24,000 nozzles blah, blah, blah, you will be able to enjoy our acclaimed high efficiency + stunning quality without any dent to our usual calm, friendly helpful way. Its high speed will ensure stress-free on-time delivery.

Don't expect our large prints to be cheap because we do not compromise on the quality of material we use. You simply cannot get stunning prints from cheap substitute inks... and our colours just last and last and last! In reality, we are inexpensive because Quality Pays!

Headshots Printing

Calling all members of the performing arts industry. You have just found THE Australian specialist in Headshots.

Long before the age of digital printing, we were one of Sydney's finest professional photo labs serving professional photographers and modeling agencies. We therefore know what it takes to produce beautiful headshots.

With our high-end digital equipment, there is now greater flexibility and you can expect top jobs ranging from business cards to large format prints – all at surprisingly affordable prices plus our usual helpful service.

Web Design

Although our main line of business is in print production, we actually started life as a graphic design / pre-press company nearly ten years ago. As you can see from the other parts of this site, we are also very much into computer programming – currently working on a major web application.

This background has enabled us to specialise in fast loading, efficient designs that give your visitors the information they are looking for – with ease and great speed. We work directly in XHTML code rather than rely on pre-packaged offerings which on the whole generate less efficient code. As a result, your visitors will enjoy a clean, fast site. Furthermore, our way of designing your site makes it easier (hence lower cost) for future updates.

And, typical of our general attitude of giving customers more than they ask for, we do more than merely design your web pages. We help you present your message more effectively as well as giving you a slight advantage in search engine ranking – even without the need to pay for their marketing fees.

The proof is here. You've probably found us because we are on the first screen in your search result. Our online bookstore is also top ranking, with practically all our authors and book titles being ranked in the Top 10 in search results!

*****   We simply love what we do.   *****

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Print Management Service

You can now get the complete A-Z for all your printing needs expertly managed for you by a proven team of highly experienced professionals.

Our rise to fame is in our special niche of short run book printing where we surprised the market by successfully combining extreme quality book production with amazingly affordable prices even down to a SINGLE COPY! ... and most times completing within 24 hours.

We are now offering this same "unbelievable" standard of service and affordable pricing to the high volume end of the market.

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Stunning large prints using highest quality inks certified 99 years fade-free.

Turnaround times are up to our usual best of breed standard.

Please don't expect us to be the cheapest, but you certainly can't say we're expensive. Let's just say we'll leave you satisfied - promise!

Headshots Printing

Great looking 8x10 prints to impress at auditions.

More in the main section of this page.

Get great  software -FREE
Inkscape is a very powerful vector drawing tool similar to CorelDraw or Illustrator. Easy to produce business cards or brochures.
Does more than Microsoft Office. Has a good Drawing program and produces pdf files directly.
Professional standard  image editing software very similar to Photoshop.  In fact it even accepts Photoshop plug-ins.

We use and love this great software.
Only US$89

XaraProductXara Xtreme:
Xara Xtreme is simply the best graphics software for all your drawing and day to day photo needs, ideal for both print and the web. Whatever graphics you need and whatever your skill level, the famously friendly user interface and fast processing of Xara Xtreme will make it an absolute pleasure to be creative. And at a price that won't break the bank!
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